Are you confused on social media? Don’t have a clear direction, plan or goals? Are you posts not engaging like they used to? Are your fans and followers remaining stagnant? We can help you navigate on social media and increase engagement on a variety of channels. The benefit you can drive to the business has the potential to be large given the way social media can amplify what you do and how you do it. We’re experienced in engaging your consumers on social media and aligning it to your business goals.


Advertising on social media can be a low cost and effective way to drive traffic, increase enquiries, launch a new product or boost your sales. We specialise in identifying the right channel, audience analysis, ad creation & landing page optimisation to create successful campaigns.


Engagement on social media is a two-way street. Many businesses and individual forget that outside of their own profiles they need to interact & engage to increase visibility. It is time consuming and having a clear plan for not only increasing engagement but being involved in it is important.


Ultimately with every marketing activity you undertake the focus should be on how you can generate enquiries, leads, sales and customers. Social media should be no different. The approach and way you do it needs to be well though out, planned and consistent to drive real results.

Why Is Social Media Important?

You should always develop a plan that is consistent across all your channels. Your voice, tone and message on social media is the representation of your business so you should think about how you want to portray yourself. Take a look at some other brands and how they interact on social media. What language do they use? How do they stand out from their competitors? What makes them unique? Developing a persona for your business on social media is the first step. We can help create your plan and manage a social media marketing strategy for your business that will deliver you the results you need to widen your audience and drive results from your social channels.

Understanding your business is the first step in creating a strategy that will deliver you results in the form of greater engagement and an increased number of fans. Regularly auditing your social profiles will also help you understand how you stack up in comparison to key competitors in your industry. You should also be using Analytics to identify how content you share is performing and what resonates with your audience.

Things you should have include a content plan based around themes that interest your audience and a content calendar to deliver consistent and relevant messaging to your followers. Knowing the best times to engage is critical and it’s important you have a social customer service plan as it can help convert enquiries to sales.