Like many others if you’ve run an Adwords campaign before you’ve likely had mixed success. Daily optimisation, split testing & negative keywords are just a few things we do to get the best results possible. Your messaging & what customers land on is also critical.

Managed Vs Unmanaged

A managed Adwords campaign by Media Junkie will help your business attract and convert visitors for keywords you want to target. Creating, managing and running an Adwords campaign is time consuming, difficult and requires a large amount of patience. Many business owners try and run campaigns but simply find they don’t get the results they are looking for. You can start off spending as little as £5 per day to sit in the top results on Google and begin driving targeted traffic to your website.

What Is SEM?

Search engine marketing or pay per click (PPC) as it is generally referred to is the process of running targeted ads on search engines based on keywords being searched. It’s a simple and effective way to increase visibility & drive traffic when your organic traffic and rankings are low.

Are you looking for ways to attract new customers? Need a way to effectively measure results? Tired of your old marketing dollars not delivering like they used to? Looking to transform your e-commerce website?

It’s important to understand that while Adwords may be easy to use for a beginner, but you won’t get the results possible without an optimised campaign. You could be wasting precious dollars and visits to your website. We deliver search engine marketing campaigns for a range of clients of all different sizes and budgets. Talk to Media Junkie today to see how we can help drive your results using paid techniques.